Largest Helium Facility Comes To Canada

The Weil Group Canada, a subsidiary of Weil Group Resources headquartered in Richmond, Virginia will be launching the first ever helium (He) liquefaction facility in Canada. The explorative company which sets out to seek, develop and produce untapped energy, has identified nearly two billion cubic feet of proven reserves of He and is moving to commission a central He liquefaction facility called the CryoHub™ in the city of Medicine Hat, Alberta within the next 20 months. The company has been in discussion with officials from Medicine Hat, to locate its new CryoHub facility in the city and to develop He resources in the region. The proposed facility would be a central hub to receive He production from the company’s other current projects which are located in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Weil was the first company in 60 years to bring commercial grade He on stream in Canada, when it began operations in its Mankota, Saskatchewan He purification facility in early 2016. Weil has been active in Canada since 2012 and has continued extensive exploration and development in search of the increasingly rare element.

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