RHC Capital Corporation Increases Helium Land Position in Southern Saskatchewan by 43%

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – RHC Capital Corporation (“RHC” or the “Company”) operating through its wholly owned subsidiary, Royal Helium Corporation, announces that it has added 173 sections (110,815 acres) of strategic helium land to its southern Saskatchewan land position – an increase of 43%. All land (past and present) has been acquired based on a thorough analysis of existing well, seismic and geological data and are identified by RHC to be associated with Saskatchewan’s highest known helium concentrations. The RHC team is developing its exploration and drill programs to methodically test and develop viable production fields over multiple geological areas in southern Saskatchewan, which will be announced as they become finalized. A current Information Deck with Maps is available here: www.royalhelium.com. The Company believes that it is now the largest helium leaseholder in North America. With stable, rising prices and limited, non-renewable sources for helium worldwide, RHC intends to become a leading North American producer of this high value commodity. Scott Newman, President and CEO of RHC states, “The newly acquired land forms a strategic part of RHC’s 2018 exploration and development programs. These significant additions to our land portfolio represent the culmination of 12-18 months of methodical review of helium data and land in Southern Saskatchewan. The Company continues to evaluate prospective land with high helium concentrations and favorable geological characteristics that we are looking for.” RHC to date has 572 sections (366,217 acres) of prospective helium land in total. Approximately 40% of the land is on a 21-year helium lease with the remainder as exploration permits. All of RHC’s lands are in close vicinity to highways, roads, cities and importantly, close to existing oil and gas infrastructure. The majority of current global helium supply comes as a byproduct of conventional natural gas production, however not all gas reservoirs contain high concentrations of helium. Helium is created by the natural radioactive decay of uranium deep within the earth and is trapped by similar geological structures that capture other gases, including natural gas. From existing well data, specific geological regions of Saskatchewan are known to have relatively high concentrations of helium in their gas reservoirs. With high concentrations of helium in distinct helium zones, RHC’s intentions are to be a primary helium producer rather than capturing helium as a byproduct of natural gas production. Not having to process and deal with a natural gas stream is a distinct economic advantage over by product helium producers.

About RHC Capital Corporation

RHC is the first company focused on primary helium production listed on a Canadian stock exchange. With over 572 sections (366,217 acres) of prospective helium properties, the Company believes that it is now the largest helium leaseholder in North America. RHC’s land positions were acquired based on detailed evaluation of the highest know helium concentrations from existing well and geological data in Saskatchewan.

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