RHC Capital Corporation Announces Name Change and Reports Results from AGSM

RHC Capital Corporation (“RHC” or the “Company”) announces that shareholders have voted, at the Annual General and Special Meeting (“AGSM”) held on April 23, 2018, to approve by special resolution the continuation of the Company from Ontario to Saskatchewan and to change the name of the Company to Royal Helium Corporation, subject to regulatory and exchange approval. There will be no changes in the Company’s symbol or share capital associated with the change. RHC shareholders also re-elected Scott Newman, Andrew Davidson, John Pringle and Zoran Arandjelovic as the Company’s directors at the AGSM. Resolutions reappointing McGovern, Hurley, Cunningham, LLP as auditors for the Company and approving the Company’s stock option plan were also approved. RHC shareholders showed strong support for the Company with all of the resolutions passing with more than 99% of the votes cast. A current information deck with updated maps is available here: www.royalhelium.com. All land (past and present) has been acquired based on a thorough analysis of existing well, seismic and geological data and are identified by RHC to be associated with Saskatchewan’s highest known helium concentrations. RHC now has 572 sections (366,217 acres) of prospective helium land in total. Approximately 40% of the land is on a 21-year helium lease with the remainder as exploration permits. All of RHC’s lands are in close vicinity to highways, roads, cities and importantly, close to existing oil and gas infrastructure. The Company is now the largest helium leaseholder in Canada and amongst the largest helium landholders in North America. With stable, rising prices and limited, non-renewable sources for helium worldwide, RHC intends to become a leading North American producer of this high value commodity.

About RHC Capital Corporation

RHC is the first company focused on primary helium production listed on a Canadian stock exchange. RHC is currently the largest helium leaseholder in Canada. RHC’s land positions were acquired based on detailed evaluation of the highest know helium concentrations from existing well and geological data in Saskatchewan.

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On behalf of the Board:

Andrew Davidson, Chairman

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