Port Orange Party Store Tries To Stay Afloat During The National Helium Shortage

A few weeks ago, the store restricted the balloons per party. Now, things are starting to look up.

If you’re shopping for party balloons, you may find the prices are inflated. Effects of the helium shortage can be found here in Port Orange, including at Party City, Publix and Dollar Tree. Big corporations have other goods and services to keep them running. However, small business owners aren’t always as lucky. Lisa Taber, owner of Balloons by Beth, moved her business back in April 2018 to 3751 S. Nova Road and says the recent helium shortage has been a struggle. Since her relocation, many clients think the business has shut down. She said she would love to see her business thrive despite the recent setbacks due to the lack of helium. “Week to week it changes,” Taber said. “I don’t know what to expect.” Taber, who has been in the family business for over 30 years and only recently took over as the owner, is best known for her balloons. A few months back she would wonder if she would be able to get a helium tank every week. This made it hard to book clients, and she felt bad turning people away because of the shortage. Over the last month and a half the price of helium has tripled due to the shortage leaving her with no choice but to raise her own prices. “I can only hope the supply comes back and the prices will go back down,” Taber said. The changes in her pricing have caused some clients to turn away and she fears that could have a lasting impact for her shop. But, she also has over 250 costumes for sale and more for rent, keeping Taber optimistic. She is getting creative with her balloon arrangements and is having specials in February to offset the rising costs of her helium supply; her singing telegrams and “I love you” bouquets are options she is offering for Valentine’s Day during the shortage. The balloon columns, arches, and swags are all made without helium and offered year round. She also crafts centerpieces and bouquets. Though the shortage is nationwide, Taber said, “it’s starting to get a little better.” She no longer needs to limit the number of balloons per party, like she did three to four weeks ago. “This is all we have,” said Taber of her supply. “I have to order a new tank soon. I’m dreading it.”

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