Numerical Simulation for Operational State Switching Processes of CN HCCB TBS Helium Cooling System

Understanding the thermal hydraulic behaviors of switching processes between operational states is one of key issues in the design and optimization of the helium cooling system (HCS) of China helium cooled ceramic breeder test blanket system (CN HCCB TBS). The thermal hydraulic model of HCS considering the influence of heat structural and thermal insulation layer was established, and the main switching processes for the main operational states of HCS were simulated. The results present the dynamic changes of the thermal hydraulic parameters, including temperature, pressure, helium mass, power of heater, etc. The results indicate that the operation states and relative switching processes are reasonable: the designed operational states can be achieved by controlling the heater power and circulator mass flow rate; the time consumptions for state switching processes are far less than the reserved time according to the operation campaign schedule of international thermal-nuclear fusion reactor (ITER). The work presented in this paper demonstrates the operation of HCS, which provides an important foundation for further design and optimization of the HCS.

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