Montana Oil Report: Avanti Energy Permits Two Additional Souris River Formation Wells In Search For Helium

New Locations

In Liberty County, two permits were issued for Avanti Energy Montana, Inc. wells:
The Orr 1-21, with a Surface Hole Location (SHL) at NE NE 21-37N-4E (1006 FNL/1013 FEL) and the Brown 13-31, with an SHL at Brown 13-31.
These wells, like the Avanti Energy wells recently permitted in Toole and Liberty Counties will target the Souris River Formation in a search for Helium.

Re-Entry of Plugged Wells

In Daniels County, a permit was approved to Karsted Operating, LLC to renter the plugged well State 19-1, which has an SHL at SE NW 19-34N-46E (1979 FNL/1898 FWL). The re-entry will target the Dakota Formation at a Proposed Depth of 5,750 feet.
The State 19-1 was drilled in 1993. The well was in production until early 1996. In September 1993 the State 19-1 reported a production of 3,315 barrels of oil over a 30 day production period from the Madison Formation.
The purpose to re-enter the well is to convert it into a injection disposal well.

Re-Issued Locations

In Toole County, a permit was re-issued to Forza Operating, LLC for the Turner 34-1H, with an SHL at SW SW 34-35N-1E (330 FSL/940 FWL) and a proposed depth of 7,886 feet. The well will aim for the Nisku Formation. This will be the first well in Montana for Forza, which currently operates in Texas and Louisiana.

Abandoned Wells

In Blaine County, final abandonment was approved for the ML&E Tiger Ridge 14-17-31N-19, which has an SHL at SE SW 17-31N-19E (524 FSL/1695 FWL),
In Dawson County’s Sand Creek Field, final abandonment procedures were approved for Wesco Operating, Inc.’s Guelff 1, located at SE NE 4-15N-54E (2092 FNL/560 FEL).
In Hill County, two NorthWestern Corporation wells have been approved for abandonment: in the St. Joe Road Field, the Heavey-Federal 1-13-37-15, located at SW SW 1-37N-15E (995 FSL/1001 FWL) and the Surean 17-13-37-15D, located at SW SW 17-37N-15E (1016 FSL/1312 FWL). Another NorthWestern Corp. well, the Thiel 10-14-34-16, which is a wildcat well, is located at SE SW 10-34N-16E (1065 FSL/2380 FWL).
The Heavey-Federal was drilled in 2007 by Klabzuba Oil & Gas, Inc. The well produced 100,000 cubic feet of gas per day when the initial production test was reported, and the
well was put into production on August 27, 2007. Peak production was reached that first year, with 4,607,000 cubic feet of gas being produced over one 31 day period. The last production was recorded in 2016 when the Heavey-Federal produced 14,000 cubic feet. Gas was produced from the Niobrara Formation. Also in the St. Joe Road Field, the NorthWestern Corporation Surean 17-13-37-15D was approved for abandonment. The Surean has an SHL at SW SW 17-37N-15E (1016 FSL/1312 FWL).
In Richalnd County, three Slawson Exploration Company Inc. wells, all located in the Lone Butte Field, were OK’s for final abandonment:
The Baue 1-21, with an SHL at SE SW 21-25N-57E (660 FSL/1980 FWL); The Baue 2-21, with an SHL at SE SW 21-25N-57E (670 FSL/1805 FWL); The Baue 3-21, with an SHL at SE SW 21-25N-57E (968 FSL/1892 FWL).
The Baue 1-21 was completed on January 2, 1985. The well was originally drilled by Tom Brown, Inc. Over the years, the operator for the well changed from Tom Brown, Inc. to ANR Production; then the well went to Headington Oil Company. In 2003, the operator became Slawson Exploration. Initial Production of the Baue 1-21 was recorded as 606.5 BOPD (Barrels of oil Per Day); 5553 MCFPD Thousand Cubic Feet of gas per day) and 3.25 gallons of water per day, producing from the Red River Formation.
In Carbon County’s Northwest Elk Basin Field, the Contango Resources, Inc. Madison 15 well was approved for final abandonment. The well’s SHL was at NW SE 29-9S-23E (1980 FSL/2320 FEL).
Final abandonment was approved for the Helios 5-52 16-32, a Highlands Montana Corporation well located in Custer County with an SHL at SW NE 16-5N-52E (1535 FNL/2375 FEL. The well was drilled in 2016m and only nine days after the well was spud, the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation Database records that the well was “Junked and Abandoned, radioactive source left in the hole.” The well file for the well have not been uploaded to the database yet, so further details were not available.


Prima Exploration, Inc. reported the completion of the Water Hole #1. The injection-disposal well has an SHL at SW SE 24-25N-58E (240 FSL/2288 FEL) in Richland County.

Noah Energy Spring Hill 14-34-27-6HZ well
Heat from flared gas distorts the image of the Noah Energy Spring Hill 14-34-27-6HZ well near Pendroy. The Lodgepole Formation well was drilled by Primary Petroleum, but was later acquired by Noah.

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